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THINK TANK STUDIO - P.O.S. Records . . . 321 Newark St. . . Hoboken, NJ 07030 . . . Tel # 201-222-8031  

independent Music is the focus - Anything is POSsible !!!

Thinkers, Tweakers, Music-makers . . . that use the space


Matt Azzarto  Aaron Mullan  Don Fleming  Bil Emmons  Scott Anthony   Chris Gefken

Who's recorded/rehearsed in the Tank?Sonic Youth, Tall Firs, Chris Lee, Christina Rosenvinge, Mike Watt, Jesse Malin, Nancy Sinatra, Don Fleming, Chris Butler, R. Stevie Moore, Pete Yorn, Peter Moren, Bjorn Yttling, Lykke Li, Christine Smith,  Andrew WK, Wendy James, Brendan Benson, Ted Leo, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Nickel Creek, Bree Sharp, Don Dilego, Taking Back Sunday, Harper Simon, Murph, The Smithereens, The Toasters, Skanatra, The Gefkens, Rocket, Frank Bango & The Magic Fingers

CHECK OUT THE THINK TANK GEAR: Equipment list  Also - here's a random recording story using my Sony PCM-D50 portable unit


Check out my new album released earlier this year: MISTAKEN

To hear the first track - "Disintegrate" click on my pic below . . . 

Matt Madly - Mistaken

Take a listen to our SOUNDCHECK series :

SOUNDCHECK #008 - Mike Doughty -> Click on the song title & Listen to the session:

1)  I Hear the Bells

2) 27 Jennifers

3) Day by Day
4) American Car

5) Lockjaw

6) Country Roads

7) Sunken Eyed Girl

8) Cheap Trick Song

9) Pleasure on Credit

10) Na Na Nothing

11) Madeline

12) Looking At the world from the Bottom of a Well

13) 2nd to last Song

14) 40 Grand in the Hole

*** Also for you literary types, definitely check out Mike's recently released Memoir "The Book of Drugs". It is a quick read - telling the tale of sex drugs and rock 'n' roll with a compelling human element that is uniquely Mike and his chase for true art through word and song.